Meet the team

Kincaid Savoie

Kincaid is interested in systems programming, programming language design, and software architecture. Currently, he works at Hoodoo Digital as a software engineer, where he is helping build a cloud platform aimed at supporting and hosting enterprise content management systems.

Alex Steele

Alex is interested in distributed systems, networks, machine learning, and data science. He currently works at IBM Aspera, where he has spent almost two years part time. Last summer, he worked at Amazon, where he will be returning after graduation.

Gradey Cullins

Gradey has a year of front-end development experience and takes an interest in building usable and intuitive interfaces. Outside of UI development, he enjoys learning about operating systems and computer networks.

Zak Peters

Zak is primarily interested in data science and computer networking. He has previous experience in QA but aspires pivot into a different field post-graduation.